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All My Assorted Useless Junk

Sep 1 '14

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Sep 1 '14


My little bug meeting the voice behind her cosplay ~

Sep 1 '14


Sep 1 '14

It is now 3 weeks since Michael Brown was murdered by Ferguson PD Officer Darren Wilson. Officer Darren Wilson still has not been arrested, charged, or even brought to prison or court for the murder of Michael Brown.



Sep 1 '14


BoJack Horseman

Watch this show. It’s a 12 episode adult cartoon that starkly looks at narcissism, fame, and what drives a person to do good things. It has a lot of adult content but is also witty and self-referencing at a level that I respect as an Arrested  Development binge-watcher. Don’t let the animal puns and substance abuse jokes drive you away. BoJack Horseman is funny, substantive, and verges into deep, dark waters.  

Sep 1 '14

"I work for Reuters. I’m a journalist in the media business.

Back in 2008, I sat in a conference and reviewed some proposals to integrate news sources focused on electronic gaming into our RSS service as niche content providers.

We considered IGN, Gamespot, and a few other syndicated online info feeds.

Now, in order to white label a source as affiliated with Reuters, you need to run through a checklist of ~100 items that are necessary for journalistic integrity. The source and its organization has to score at least a 60 out of 100 for it to be considered fair and unbiased.

These tests are carried out by senior journalists, editors, and investigators.

NONE of the gaming publications scored higher than a 15. For reference, the National Enquirer scored a 38 and the MSNBC blogosphere scored 44.

Some failures included:
- Economic ties with publishers
- Acceptance of favors
- 0% of staff held journalism degree
- Very small percentage worked in other major publications
- No real editing process
- No accountability

tl;dr: Gaming “journalism” is a joke and the laughingstock of reporting media. Continue to read these publications if you want, but assume that everything you read is biased or an outright lie.”

Gaming news is officially worse than supermarket tabloids folks. Let that sink in for a while. These people are are several steps below “IS BRAD PITT CHEATING ON ANGELINA???” (via bonglorio)
Sep 1 '14






Sep 1 '14
Sep 1 '14

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Sep 1 '14



Bread Lighter™ brand bread lighter prototype is the first of its kind, an edible combination of bread loaf and lighter.

but u know who did it first